Marrybrown in Sentosa – Best Fast Food Fried Chicken?

Malaysia’s Fast-food chain, Marrybrown finally arrived at the shores of Singapore a few years at Sentosa. As I had already tried their signature fried chicken in Malaysia multiple times, I did not see the need to travel there just to try it. Today, armed with some job assignment in Sentosa and a craving for fried chicken, I finally paid the restaurant a visit.

It is conveniently located near the Beach Station of Sentosa, where attractions like Ifly and Wings of Times are located.

Ordered the fried chicken combo to share with Big Sister. By Sentosa standards, it is certainly not pricey. We ordered their signature original flavour and eagerly waited for our food to arrive.

The Fried Chicken was delicious. A bite of the chicken’s skin will surely satisfy anyone’s craving. The meat was tender and juicy. It was a huge difference from the last time I tried the other Fast Food outlet, the Four Fingers where the chicken was dry and hard.

Despite the heavenly taste of the fried chicken, the sides were average but understandable. One only need to get your signature dish right and it will likely be a successful restaurant.

Although we enjoyed the food, the seating area felt uncleaned. The tables and floors were sticky all over that my slippers made flapping sounds when I walk around the restaurant. Hopefully they can improve the hygiene standards of the dining area to provide a better experience for the customers.

This branch in Sentosa remains to be the only branch in Singapore, which makes it rather inconvenient for me if I have a Marrybrown craving again. To conclude, I can easily testify their fried chicken quality is heads above the rest for now. Restaurants like Four Fingers and Poepeyes used to be my favourite before the quality dropped significantly during their expansion period.

As we are on a diet, I do not think I will be visiting a fast food outlet again anytime soon. Here is our customary selfie!

Marrybrown Singapore information:

Visit for more information on their restaurant.

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