Singapore Durian Season – Brothers Goes ALL IN

The yearly Singapore Durian Season is finally here and the King of Fruits is selling at a massive discount due to the huge supply coming our way from Malaysia.

Every year, the Durians in Singapore can sell at a rate of 50-90% off the regular prices when the supply is low. Therefore, Singaporeans went ALL OUT to grab them every single time.

Singapore Loves Durians

Durian Thumbs Up

Big Brother loves the taste of durians from young. I remember Big Sister always fought with him over the last piece whenever we were feasting the amazing fruit. He always goes all out during the Singapore Durian Season where the durians are super cheap and delicious! Diet can wait, durians can’t.

Along the way, he also found a giant King Mango, something he nhad never seen before. Therefore, we decide to buy a few back home to try. They tastes awesome too.

Durians, Durians Everywhere

Singapore Durians

The business was brisk for the business owners, where there seemed to be an unlimited supply of durian all over their stalls. The stalls at this Jurong Market consistently sells one of the cheapest and best Durians in the West of Singapore.

Durian Mountain

Lorry after lorry transport tonnes of Durians from Malaysia to Singapore to satisfy the demands of the locals during this time of the year. If there is one thing that will make Singaporeans go crazy, this is it.

Look at the Great Durian mountains! How we hope we can bring them all home.

There are lots of places to buy nice and awesome durians in Singapore. Other than the Jurong West 500+ market that we frequent, we also occasionally visit Ah Seng Durian at the Ghim Moh Market as the stall is also in the west of Singapore.

Durians are definitely one of Singaporean’s favourite pastime fruit. Whether it is bitter or sweet, nothing taste as good and unique as the spiky delights. Once the season is over, they will always be sorely missed.

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